Digital Fox Reviews and Articles

Here are reviews and articles I have written for Digital Fox.

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Original Script Outline

Developing an original TV series pilot script titled “Hunters Inc.”


An opening scene example.

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A Bad Day At School

A BAD DAY AT SCHOOL  – A WORK IN PROGRESS.  During a new school teacher’s first day, a school shooting occurs.  In this reality, schools allow their teachers to be armed in classrooms.

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Castle Fan Fiction

I’m a big fan of the TV Series “Castle”.  So much so, I even wrote a Fan Fiction!

It will probably end up as a “crossover” with Law and Order SVU.  Yet another story that needs to be completed.

A New Beginning

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One of my short stories has been published as part of an Anthology of stories by current and former MA Writing Swinburne Students.

Another Time, Another Place.



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The Protector

A Fantasy Novel – A work in progress.


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Blood and Wine

A short-short story.

I stared at what I had written.

It was equal parts a suicide note and a confession.  I had tried to wipe off as much of her blood as I could, but red stains covered the page I was writing on.  Perhaps it was poetic. She always did find a way to mess things up. I read through what I wrote again, before shoving it aside.

Standing up, I felt dizzy and tottered towards the kitchen.

We had been in the middle of dinner, when the argument started.  As per usual, it was about money.  I had brought home an expensive bottle of red wine because I was in the mood to celebrate, Irene had taken one look at the bottle and her expression darkened.  I knew trouble was going to be happen but I didn’t care.  Work had been especially brutal and it was Friday, I wanted to have fun, she on the other hand, wanted to fight.

I had tried to keep control, but when she started talking about my mother, I finally snapped.

I grabbed a frying pan and my wife ended up on the kitchen floor.

Looking down at her, Irene’s red hair made it hard to see where the blood was seeping from.

I was now a widower by my own hand.

Voices started, unbidden.


Get rid of the evidence!

Turn yourself in! 

But in the end, there was only one solution.

I turned towards the open window.

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